BJ "Xyle"
Name: BJ
Nick Name: Xyle
Age: 28
Rank: Team Captian
Position: Mid Center
Marker Setup: '07 Ego stock
Gear: Velosity hopper, Draxus 42 4500psi tank, Empire knee and elbow pads, 100th monkey headband, Xsv pants, Vents mask, an NXS pod pack and Dye lock lids (purple of course)
Years of Experience: 2.5 years
Tournaments: CPS 3 man tourney in november 2006; NCPS 2007 series, SCP 3 man tourney in 2007.
Awards: I recieved the award for stupid move of '08. I chopped, cleaned my hopper and marker, went on the field to test them out, pulled the trigger and..... GOG!!! I had forgotten to put the bolt back in, and apparantly the paint comes out backwards if you do.
Favorite Field: SCP and Lincoln Paintball. Good prices on paint, entry, and GREAT turf!
Wishlist: To win any event we enter. A zik kit and barrel kit for my ego.
Bio: I started off playing in a friend's backyard, actually. We would play 1 on 1 in his overgrown trees with $15 pumpguns. Another friend mentioned SCP and we thought we'd give it a try. My friends lasted 2 or 3 trips out and then I was on my own until I invited Kol and Danny to play. USD (Used) was formed. Then Zig joined, Danny left, I picked up Ben, Roff was invited, then Jon joined. We were then Sponsored by Active Shooter Paintball. I then asked Earl to join up, Roff and Jon went MIA, we picked up Del and Alex. Then Ben removed himself. We switched our name from USD (short for you're stupid, dude) to COA after Danny left. COA came from my original jersey being a purple, black, and red Anarchy jersey. I play to stay in shape (I know, I know, "Skinny" right?) and for anger management. I get really stressed out at work and it helps me to say "I am going to shoot people tonight." then go and do it. I enjoy driving fast cars, riding my horse, and shooting people.

Earl "DOM"
Name: Earl
Nick Name: DOM
Age: 45
Rank: Co-Captian
Position: Front/Snake
Marker Setup: Etek Ego/Mini, Velocity Jr, Crossy 68/45
Gear: Whatever is clean
Years of Experience: 1.5 years
Tournaments: NCPS 3 man, SCP 3 Man
Awards: N/A
Favorite Field: SCP
Wishlist: To get everone together on the same day, win NCPS.
Bio: Im old, but can still hang with the young guys no prob for now. I am not afraid of anyone. Losing is not an option. Everything else is not important, and a lot I cant tell you anyway.

Michael "Skid Mark"
Name: Michael
Nick Name: Skid Mark
D.O.B.: 06/05/1980
Rank: Team Banker / Member
Position: Back
Marker Setup: FEP Quest w/ Virtue Board, CP rail and air on/off, Quick release feedneck, plexi grips, and Snatch pin, Velocity Hopper with Evil Igniter chip, Crossfire 68/4500 Tank
Gear: 2 Dye jerseys, a COA jersey, an Empire jersey, Diablo pants, XSV gloves, V-Force Profiler Mask, bounce cap, NXS 9 pod pack
Years of Experience: 1.5 years
Tournaments: NCPS 2007 series and SCP 3 man tourney in 2007.
Awards: N/A
Favorite Field: SCP
Wishlist: I'd like to see COA as a driving force in the 2008 NCPS series and a serious force to be feared and respected.
Bio: I went out to play at SCP once with BJ, borrowed my brother's Spyder Electra and all of his gear. I used and abused his gear over the next few months then steadily purchased gear and phased his out. The only piece that I still use of my brother's is the bounce cap. I moved up through markers going to a Spyder VS2, then quickly to a Proto Rail, and now with the Quest. I play because its a hobby, everybody tells me to get a hobby, so I tell them I play paintball. The team...I was invited by Bj early in its creation and have been around since. I've learned a lot as a member and continue to learn new aspects with each practice session. The most memorable moment for me on the team would have to be the last game of my first tournament. We were low on the points board so we figured, lets go out and steal as much points from this team as we can. We sent Kol straight up the center for the flag off the break, shortly after getting the flag the opposing team shot Kol in the crotch. I couldn't stop laughing and at that point didn't care if I got shot. That moment made the tournament that much more of a great experience for me. Other than paintball I'm a full-time student and a video game junky.

Kol "Shavo"
Name: Kol
Nick Name: Shavo
Age: 18
Rank: Team Member
Position: Back
Marker Setup: Dangerous Power Fusion v2, Halo v35 Hopper, Pure Energy Carbon fiber tank 68/4500. Back up gear: Smart parts Ion, Halo TSA hopper, Pure Energy Steel hp airtank (48/3000), Freak barrel and Stiffi barrel. Upgrades: CP rake trigger, q-lock feedneck, air on/off, QEV.
Gear: Empire Pod harness (can hold 9 pods), 2 Empire jersies and a Children of anarchy Team jersey, Paintball Junkies paintball pants, Dye mask, Bike (brand) knee pads, generic paintball cleats.
Years of Experience: 1.5 years
Tournaments: CPS 3 man tourney in november 2006; NCPS 2007 series, SCP 3 man tourney in 2007.
Awards: N/A
Favorite Field: Santa Clara Paintball Park
Wishlist: Etek Ego or an 07 Ego. Sly barrel kit.
Bio: I got started Playing paintball with a few friends (one of them is now my team captain). we started off as team USD in the cps 3 man tourney in 2006. I started paintball that summer. Since then we had new members join up and we practiced and played other tournies. I play paintball both because its fun and because I want to see how far I can take it. My friends are my team, and I've been on this team since it started. I will continue to play paintball and on this team for as long as I can. I look foward to seeing how far we can take this, and I'll play till the end.

Del "Moneyshot"
Name: Del
Nick Name: Moneyshot
D.O.B.: 38 (Born July 6, 1969)
Rank: Team Member
Position: Front
Marker Setup: 1st setup Ego SL74 XSV, Velocity (Gangstar Chip) Hopper, CP 45/4800, Sly barrel kit and SL Barrel kit. Upgrades: Ti Rammer, 2nd setup setup EGO SL74 Infamous, Magna w/ RF Hopper, CP 45/6800, Infamous Sly barrel kit and SL Barrel kit. Upgrades: Ti Rammer
Gear: 2008 Empire Liquid Pod harness (can hold 12 pods), too many jersies and a Children of anarchy Team jersey, Plant Eclipse Gear, Track and Field cleats.
Years of Experience: off and on for 8 years
Tournaments: 2005 XPSL Season, Mavericks 5 man tourney in 2005
Awards: 3rd Mavericks
Favorite Field: CEPP and SCP
Wishlist: I could use another dirt bike with a electric start. Always wanted to own a Ferrari.
Bio: I got started Playing paintball with a few co-workers back in 1994 at Mare Island. Played with my Friend edgar who was on the original Ironman and his friends Angel Fragoza/Ryan Greenspan/ Alex Fraige. I play paintball because of the adrenalin rush and teamwork.

Alex "Action Express"
Name: Alex
Nick Name: Action Express
Age: 21
Rank: Team Member
Position: Mid
Marker Setup: 07 Cyborg, Halo B, Guerrilla Air 45/45
Gear: Nxe 3+2, XSV pants, Karnage/Coa Jersey
Years of Experience: 1 year of playing, couple months on COA
Tournaments: N/A
Awards: N/A
Favorite Field: SCP or Vallejo indoor
Wishlist: Droid
Bio: Just love playing paintball. As long as you're having fun its all good!

AJ "Sugar"
Name: AJ
Nick Name: Sugar
Age: 23 (4/5/84)
Rank: Team Decoy
Position: Woodsball Player/Snake for Speedball
Marker Setup: Tippmann 98 Custom Double Trigger A5 Stock 16" Flatline Barrel, Angel Eclipse
Gear: Coa Jersey, Predator Mask
Years of Experience: 3
Fav. Tournament: Turkey Bowl '06
Favorite Field: Headrush Paintball & SCP
Wishlist: Reaching Division 1
Bio: Princess Tomboy if there is such a thing as a girly girl who doesn't mind to get down and dirty sometimes. Just love the game and the action. Was introduced to it several years ago during one of my trips north USA and fell in love with Woodsball. From there met up with one of my gaming clanmates in SYS and got introduced to team COA and began to play Speedball more. Still enjoy a good ol' paint war in the woods though with my friends. <3